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Chilliwack Computer Repair

Chilliwack Computer Repair Tips

Your computer is full of fragile wires and chips. If everything is not in perfect working order, chances are you will have a problem. It's always wise to call a professional Chilliwack computer repair person if you need help. Here are some ways you can fix your computer yourself to save some time and money:

  • You turn on your computer and it freezes. This generally happens when you don’t have enough memory for your computer. You should check to see how much memory your computer has and how much it needs to operate. You can start your computer by using your back-up start-up disk and add new memory, if you must.
  • You can’t turn your computer on. The problem is likely one of two things. Either your power cord is bad and needs to be replaced, or your power supply is bad. Check both and replace an item, if needed.
  • Your computer won’t read its hard drive or floppy drive. You could have a damaged hard drive or floppy drive, in which case you’ll need to replace the drive. You may also have a dirty drive, so you may need to clean it. Another possibility is that your drive is loose or misaligned. If so, you should adjust the drive so that it is secured in the correct position. A final possibility is that you are using the wrong disks for your floppy drive. Get the correct disks and try again.
  • Your keyboard doesn’t work properly. The first thing you should try is thoroughly cleaning your keyboard. Your keyboard may also be damaged. You should take apart your keyboard and check the circuit board for any circuits that look different from the others. There might be one wire that is lose or a button that is bent. Try to correct the problem.
  • Your computer has an interior grinding noise. This problem is often caused by a faulty hard drive, meaning your hard disk may be about to crash. You should immediately back up all your data and replace the hard drive. The other possibility is that the bearings in your computer’s fan are dry. Lubricate the fan bearings.
  • Your mouse, monitor, disk drive, CD ROM drive, or speakers don’t work. Check the connections. You may have to clean the connectors or even replace a cable. The other problems include software problems, in which you need to reinstall your software, or a main computer chip problem, in which you need to have professional Chilliwack computer repair remedy the problem. If your mouse isn’t properly working, take it apart and clean it thoroughly.

In all cases, don't take your computer apart or open any part of your computer unless you take the proper precautions and are experienced in computer repair. Computer repair is sometimes very simple, yet often very complicated and often best left to professional Chilliwack computer repair professionals.

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