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Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack BC

Lindeman Lake, Chilliwack British Columbia
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Hiking Distance for Lindeman Lake:
3.4 km return (3 hours)
Hiking Distance for Greendrop Lake: 10.4 km return (6 hours)
Best Conditions: June to October
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: Lindeman Lake is one of the most popular Chilliwack-area hikes. Greendrop Lake is a longer haul, so you'll see fewer hikers on the 2 hour leg to Greendrop.
Directions: Drive 40.5 km from Vedder Crossing along Chilliwack Lake road. Just before you get to the Chilliwack Lake turnoff, you'll see a sign for Post Creek and Lindeman/Greendrop Hikes. Park on the roadside and walk 200m to the trail on the right, following the creek. After a few minutes of hiking you'll be surrounded by old-growth trees and beautiful views of Post Creek. These views alone make the whole hike worthwhile. Ten minutes into the hike the trail gets steep. Before you know it the trail levels off and you'll be at Lindeman Lake. Continue on to the far end of Lindeman Lake for some better views of the lake and surrounding peaks. Those looking for a longer hike can continue on past Lindeman to Greendrop lake.

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