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Free Internet Marketing

The days of free Internet marketing are almost over.

Today, given the decline of free internet marketing options and the ever-changing nature of search engine listings, the key to successful website marketing is a balance between paid and organic "free" search engine listings.

Yahoo's restructuring, for example, has resulted in the and (now property of Yahoo) closing their free submission services. Instead, individuals must now pay to submit their website through Yahoo's paid Site Match system.

There are still websites such as Google, and Open Directory that accept free submissions; however, free submissions are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Search Engine companies are revising their business plans, moving into a myriad of services beyond search, and focussing on maximizing profits.

To successfully market a website online, it's now essential to consider using Pay-Per-Click keyword programs offered by Google and Overture, plus paid inclusion programs like Yahoo's Site Match.

Professional Internet Marketing firms typically focus on two key areas: keywords and popularity. First, they identify the most important keywords for a website. Then they optimize the website content for those keywords, which may mean writing or revising some or all of a website's copy. To build a website's popularity, it's necessary to establish a network of related yet non-competitive, popular websites that link the website. The more related, high quality websites linking to the website, the higher the website's search engine rankings will be.

Are you interested in promoting your website or increasing your visibility online? Many businesses are disovering that a good search engine marketing campaign can pay for itself several times over.

Contact Stir Communications Group's Internet Marketing experts today for a free Internet marketing estimate to cost-effectively boost your website's traffic and revenue generating opportunities.



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