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Questions About God, Pain and Suffering


Chilliwack Life Stories

Mark (75x5)I Can't Do It On My Own (Mark)
Looking back, Mark can see that God was trying to get his attention. When he finally gave God a chance, Mark found more than he could imagine.

Tarise (75x75)Welcomed Home (Tarise)
Struggling with feelings of emptiness, Tarise filled the void with alcohol and relationships. But there was someone all along who had more to offer.

Steve Lerigny (75x75Feeling Fulfilled (Steve) Steve searched for an answer to the emptyness he felt in his heart. He found Jesus, and a new hope and peace that was waiting all along.

Edith 75x75
A Second Chance (Edith) Thrust into the middle of a medical emergency, Edith realized the importance of a second chance in life.

Sharalin (75x75)God Never Gave Up On Me (Sharalin) Looking back, Sharalin realized that God had been working in her life even when she thought he was distant and didn't care. 

John (75x75)
Visions Redefined (John) After a freak farming accident took his leg, and nearly his life, John was forced to re-evaluate. What he found was new purpose.

Michelle (75x75)
A Marriage Saved ( Michelle ) Trying to fill the emptiness inside her, Michelle made a poor choice which almost destroyed her marriage and family. Fortunately, she found what she was really missing in her life.

SteveH_(75x75)Clean and Free ( Steve )
After drinking and doing drugs for 20 years, Steve's Doctor told him "Steve, you're killing yourself!". Steve began to look elsewhere for fulfillment, and likes what he found.

Tracee (75x75)
Secrets ( Tracee )
Telling your secrets to strangers can by very scary. I know, however by not telling I would be robbing myself of the freedom it gives me.

Nicole (75x75)I Couldn't Do It Alone Any More ( Nicole )
After a series of traumatic events in her life, Nicole realized her need for God. Those important wake-up calls have led Nicole to trust God with her life.

Brent 75x75
Searching for Purpose ( Brent )  As a teenager in Chilliwack, Brent searched for identity and purpose. In his senior year at Sardis Secondary he found something that would change the rest of his life.

Alice (75x75)
A New Beginning ( Alice )  In the midst of being consumed with the agony of a dying husband, Alice thought God was out of reach for her.

Cynthia (75x75)
Broken Promises ( Cynthia )  Losing her father as a teenager, Cynthia began searching for something to fill the emptiness that consumed her. Her search finally brought her to God and she ultimately found the peace she desired.



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